Drop in and Dye – Start the New Year with pots of colour!!

Drop in and Dye – Start the New Year with pots of colour!!

Join Aviva in her dye kitchen and create a vibrant collection of natural colour on wool – yellow from weld, blue from woad, red from madder, cochineal and purples and greys from logwood – not to mention all the delicious colours you can achieve from over dyeing to create secondary shades.

pre-prepared yarn and fleece will be available to buy on the day or bring your own! (must be pre-scoured and mordanted)

Dye a rainbow of colour for your new year projects or to use in the Spinning Workshops with Julia and Kallie on Sunday 21 and Monday 22 January

How much does it cost?

Booking/lab fee (includes coffee/tea and cake) £10 + dye charge £5 per 100g = 50p per 10g + pre-prepared materials for sale from 50p/10g EXAMPLE if you dyed your own 100g of prepared fleece and five 20g skeins of wool it would cost £10 + £5 + £5 = £20

The dye kitchen will be open between 10 and 3pm, drop in anytime but you need to allow at least 2 hours to dye your materials.

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