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Colours of Norfolk – natural dye workshop at The Workrooms, Norwich

a one day workshop in Aviva’s new city studio that celebrates Norwich’s rich textile heritage, using natural plant dyes in the ‘primary’ colours of Norfolk – blue from woad, red from madder & yellow from weld. You will also use cochineal and logwood, historic and […]

Final Degree Show – BA Textiles (Hons)

Midsummers day and the rain stayed away for the private view of the Norwich University College of the Arts Degree Show My final degree show collection was made from abaca ( a type of non-edible banana fibre) and linen yarns dyed with logwood, weld, madder […]


a collection of resist-dyed textiles in linen, paper and hemp. Inspired by the traditional technique of ‘shibori’ I have used wood and bamboo to clamp, bind and manipulate cloth to create pattern and texture using botanical dyes.

In addition to the large hand woven pieces which will be on display in the NUCA degree show, I have created a range of wraps. These are 100% organic cotton squares that can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable packaging, being used to wrap gifts, carry books or shopping or even worn on the body. These will be available to purchase in the NUCA gallery space.

NUCA Degree Show June 22 - 28 Norwich University College of the Arts

berries & bugs

        elderberry – not all ripe, but a wonderful array of colour The studio where I have been working is located down a country lane and at the moment the hedgerows are glowing with colour from blackberry, sloe, rosehip and elderberry. Over the […]