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Weave a Seascape – one day weave workshop

Weave a Seascape – one day weave workshop

using a pre-threaded laptop loom and some simple tapestry techniques and a variety of materials, create a layered landscape inspired by the unspoilt coastline around the studio

from my sketchbook

colour and weave ideas inspired by hedgerows and working with natural dyes like cochineal and indigo to create berry colour

the beauty of natural dyes

Is this “vegetable dyeing” that we are hearing so much about less trouble than chemical dyeing?’
No, it is more trouble
Is it, then, quicker?
No, it takes much longer.
Is it a faster dye?
No, a really fast chemical dye cannot be surpassed by any natural dye’
Is it cheaper?
No, the cheap chemical dyes in packets cost only a few pence.
Why then should anyone trouble to learn how to use vegetable dye?
Because of the beauty of its results…these colours are alive as all beauty is alive…

Introduction to ‘The use of Vegetable Dyes’ Violetta Thurstan (1930