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stripes & checks

some images from our first skill session where we learnt how to thread up the loom with a striped warp, using some lovely worsted wool yarn in a variety of colours. We created some wonderful checks by weaving horizontal stripes across the warp. The cloth will be used to make up cushion covers…more pics soon!

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strips, stripes & stories

In collaboration with the Tales of the Unfinishable Exhibition, Aviva Leigh of slowstuff studio invites you to make up your own striped story and learn how to weave using recycled textiles on a simple “laptop loom”. The brightly coloured woven strips will be joined together to form a large piece, which will be given to one […]

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new year, new skills

slowstuff studio is pleased to offer you a series of creative textiles workshops, designed to help you develop your weave skills with a range of techniques. You will also be introduced to some simple dyeing methods, using eco-friendly and natural dyes, to help you create your own colour palette for your projects. Each monthly project […]

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