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The Colour Kitchen – a 21st century dyer’s notebook…

The Colour Kitchen – a 21st century dyer’s notebook…

there’s always something special about starting a new notebook, folding back the front cover and smoothing that first page – it can be daunting, but here goes… 07.17 17-7-17 – a gorgeous sunny morning under a big blue Norfolk sky. Armed with secateurs and a […]

Colours of Norfolk – natural dye workshop at The Workrooms, Norwich

a one day workshop in Aviva’s new city studio that celebrates Norwich’s rich textile heritage, using natural plant dyes in the ‘primary’ colours of Norfolk – blue from woad, red from madder & yellow from weld. You will also use cochineal and logwood, historic and […]

Final Degree Show – BA Textiles (Hons)

Midsummers day and the rain stayed away for the private view of the Norwich University College of the Arts Degree Show

My final degree show collection was made from abaca ( a type of non-edible banana fibre) and linen yarns dyed with logwood, weld, madder and brazilwood plant dyes from sustainable sources which were kindly sponsored by [ilink url=”http://www.couleurs-de-plantes.com/index_uk.html” icon=”http://www.couleurs-de-plantes.com/index_uk.html”]Couleurs de Plantes[/ilink]

It was a gorgeous evening with a fabulous sunset and it was so lovely to see everyone’s work on display, there are lots of images of all the student’s work in our online catalogue at

colours of Norfolk

This is the first of the ‘painted warp’ scarves I have been weaving at the Alpaca Barn. I have used natural dyes – woad and weld – to dye the silk warp and some of the Alpaca weft – some of the silk and alpaca […]