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Colours of Norfolk – natural dye workshop at The Workrooms, Norwich

a one day workshop in Aviva’s new city studio that celebrates Norwich’s rich textile heritage, using natural plant dyes in the ‘primary’ colours of Norfolk – blue from woad, red from madder & yellow from weld. You will also use cochineal and logwood, historic and […]



New work ‘Saori’ is a style of weave, originating in Japan, that encourages free expression improvisation being ‘in the moment ‘ with no predesigned pattern or plan… a natural ecru, pure wool warp the piece emerges spontaneously I reach instinctively for colours and threads hand […]

colours of Norfolk

This is the first of the ‘painted warp’ scarves I have been weaving at the Alpaca Barn. I have used natural dyes – woad and weld – to dye the silk warp and some of the Alpaca weft – some of the silk and alpaca yarn is left in its lovely natural state in soft fawn and caramel. I used a 2/1 twill and a fairly loose sett. It feels absolutely gorgeous on, light, soft and very warm…This colourway follows on from the designs I did for the Bradford Textile competition using space-dyed silk in weld and woad inspired by the Norfolk countryside.