Inspired by a 'slow' ethos that celebrates artisan skills and local provenance of materials,
I create artisan yarns and contemporary woven and stitched textiles.

artisan yarns & fabrics

A collection of British wool yarn dyed with historic dyes like madder, weld and woad - some grown locally in Norfolk - and exotic colour from foreign shores. Hand painted art yarns add vibrant contrasts. Colour stories inspired by the city, coast and countryside of Norfolk.

available online or from these lovely shops:

makeplace - Norwich
Thread Your Wings - Sheringham
Wild & Woolly - London

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hand made textiles

Unique textiles that are alive, that show the traces of time and the touch of the hand of the maker. Considered provenance, colour from nature. mixes of materials create texture

to touch, to wear, to share and to keep

find my latest work at
The Post Room 85 Upper St Giles Street Norwich
KOBO AB Magdalen St Norwich