Spend a long weekend in the heart of Norwich’s ancient textile district learning how to get the most out of natural dyes.

In this 3 day masterclass you will explore the possibilities of working with natural dyes, working with extracts, plant materials and learning how to use mordants and modifiers to get a wide range of colours. You will also learn how to make different types of indigo vats.

Saturday - preparing, printing and painting with natural dyes

  • preparing fibres and fabrics for dyeing. Use a variety of natural materials to mordant fibre to get the most out of plant dyes

  • Thickened dyes for printing and painting directly onto fabric/yarn

  • block printing with mud resists

Sunday - extracting colour from plant dyes, using modifiers

  • work with fresh and dried plant and other material to extract colour and create dye baths to dye yarns and fabric. Madder, weld, cochineal, logwood to name a few.

  • use modifiers to alter shades

  • over dyeing to create secondary shades

Monday - Indigo Day

  • You will learn how to create three different types of indigo vat:

    • pre-reduced (synthetic) indigo with chemical reduction technique

    • natural indigo with chemical reduction technique

    • natural indigo with natural reduction technique

    • dye the resist prints from Saturday’s workshop

    • use simple resist techniques to create patterns on fabric/yarn

    • over dye some of the colours from Sunday’s workshop to create secondary shades

The workshop fee includes all dyes and a full set of workshop notes and samples to take home. Should you wish, you will also be able to bring some your own materials to work with over the weekend.

Additional materials and dyestuffs will be available to purchase to take home.

This is a small group workshop with plenty of opportunity to develop your skills and focus on methods that are relevant to your own practice.

Tea/coffee and snacks will be available all weekend. Please bring a packed lunch

Accommodation available nearby - contact Aviva for more info

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