Drop in and Dye

Drop in and Dye


Thinking about your next creative textile project? Like to build up a 'stash' of gorgeous plant dyed yarns and fabrics?

Join Aviva in her studio 10-1 on September 1 as she works the dye pots to create a vibrant collection of natural colour - yellow from weld, dyer's broom,  blues and greens from indigo and woad, reds from madder and cochineal and purples from logwood, to name a few!

Please note, this is not a taught workshop, but a chance for you to dye a stash of yarns fabrics and threads for your own winter projects. Aviva will have a variety of natural dye baths ready for you to dye your own pre-washed materials, charged at 5p per gram dry weight.  A selection of pre-mordanted materials will also be available to purchase on the day. 

The dye studio will be open from 10 am to 1pm, allow a couple of hours for your visit.

Book your space today! Studio fee includes refreshments. Additional dye/fabric charge as above payable on the day.

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